What's a Whoopie Pie?

What's a Whoopie Pie?

Here in Maine, we love our Whoopie Pies! Rich, chocolatey and decadent, whoopies are the perfect sweet treat to top off a special meal with family and friends. Read on to learn all about the indulgent Whoopie - Maine's official state "treat".

Who invented Whoopie Pies?

For us "Mainahs," whoopie pies are synonymous with Maine culture, but there is some dispute among many Northeast states as to which exact state invented this wonderful treat. This often spirited "food fight" mostly boils down to Pennsylvania and Maine. Pennsylvania maintains that whoopie pies were originally created by their Amish population, when Amish wives were seeking a way to use leftover cake batter - a claim hasn't been able to be substantiated. However, Maine insists that the dessert originates from a historic bakery (Labadie's) in Lewiston, Maine, where the first known sale of a Whoopie occurred - but the evidence was sadly lost in a fire.

While we may not be able to agree on where exactly whoopie pies originated, we can agree on two facts: 1. Whoopie Pies originated around 1925.  2. Whoopie Pies are delicious.

So...what makes a Whoopie Pie, "Whoopie Pie"?

Whoopie Pie vs Moon Pie - Let's start by clearing up a common misperception: Whoopie Pies are not the same thing as a Moon Pie. A traditional moon pie has marshmallow filling sandwiched between graham cracker cookies, and then dipped in chocolate. Sounds good...but it's definitely not a Whoopie!

Featuring decadent buttercream filling anchored between two moist chocolate cake-like rounds, Maine Whoopie Pies have a flawless upscale richness that transcends any of the inferior imitations attempting to compete. What’s truly the icing on this cake? It’s portable, so you can hum and walk if need be while you savor the sweet, rich satisfaction and marvel with every bite.

Get Maine Lobster is pleased to continue the legacy of this famed dessert

We ship authentic Maine Whoopie Pies to your door straight from Portland, Maine. Homemade by a premier Portland, ME bakery with over 30 years of fine dining excellence. Our classic Whoopie Pies are divine with two melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cakes embracing a decadent slathering of buttercream filling that's like frosting on steroids. Arrives ready to savor out of the package, or freeze and enjoy later as a sweet frozen treat.

Did you know: in 2011 Maine lawmakers established Whoopie Pies the official "treat" of Maine? There's even an annual Whoopie Pie Festival!
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