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Jonah Crab Roll with Old Bay Butter

Jonah Crab Roll with Old Bay Butter

The Jonah Crab is landed fresh year-round, and harvested by lobster boats fishing around the Gulf of Maine. 

When you make your crab roll using our exclusive Jonah Crab Roll/Old Bay Butter recipe, you're in for an amazing treat.

Start with our Jonah Crab Roll Kit


  • Sauté 1 tablespoon of butter and brown New England split-top rolls on each side
  • Melt Old Bay Butter in sauce pan
  • Put (thawed) Jonah crab meat in rolls (thaw frozen meat overnight in fridge)
  • Drizzle Old Bay Butter over crab meat
  • Take a bite and bliss-out on heavenly flavor!

Watch our Founder/Chief Curator, Mark Murrell demonstrate how to create this flavorful crab roll recipe!