Welcome to GetMaineLobster.com™ and Black Point Seafood! We offer the freshest Maine lobster and seafood Maine has to offer…the BEST Maine has to offer.

Direct from the rocky coast of Portland, Maine, our lobster and seafood is hand-selected. Each and every morning we hit the dock to discover the freshest Maine lobster and seafood. Then, all you have to do is order it online and we will ship it right to your doorstep, overnight. Where else can you get delivery service like that? We have successfully delivered more fresh lobster to America’s doorsteps using FedEx and UPS than any other online lobster business!

The best-tasting lobster comes from Maine…it’s the icy and deep Atlantic waters that make the meat sweeter than any other lobster in the world. If you want the freshest, best-tasting Maine lobster and seafood…you’ve found it here. Order online 24/7 and enjoy fresh lobster straight from Maine the next evening. This applies to both live and frozen lobster products from our online store.

***Note:  Live Lobster orders must be placed before 9:30 AM EST for arrival the next day