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How To Make Lobster Rolls at Home

At, we deliver authentic Maine lobster rolls to your doorstep. And, it’s easy to make the best lobster rolls at home, because our Maine Lobster Roll Kit takes out all the guesswork. In fact, our lobster roll kit is so simple, you’ll be eating your Maine Lobster Roll in less than five minutes.

Step #1

If your kit includes frozen lobster meat, begin by thawing your frozen lobster meat completely.

Here's how to thaw your lobster meat: Simply place your lobster meat into the refrigerator 24 hours before you want to enjoy your rolls.

Alternatively (if you'd like to make your rolls the same day of receipt), you can run cold water over the lobster meat for 30 minutes. Be sure the lobster meat is thoroughly thawed. Then, place lobster meat in a colander, and let sit for 30 minutes.

Next step (or step #1 for our Fresh Lobster Roll Kits) - place all of the meat you plan to use in your rolls into a strainer. Let the lobster meat strain for about 15 mins. This small step makes a huge difference in the deliciousness of your lobster rolls.

Step #2

Prepare your rolls: watch Mark's easy-to-follow video below to prepare our newly upgraded, locally baked buns and remember: the rolls are ready to put together once the buns turn golden brown.

Step #3

Prepare your lobster meat: in a bowl - mix your thawed lobster meat and secret spice blend that came with your lobster roll kit and set aside. No cooking required!

Note: you may also mix your lobster meat with mayo (we suggest 2 tablespoons) or top with melted butter (our recommendation). 

Step #4

Scoop the lobster meat mix and place into the browned buns, two scoops per roll and enjoy!

Step #5

Stock up or throw a Lobster Roll Luncheon! ORDER NOW 👉

Video Tutorial:

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