Surf & Turf Lobster Rolls With Bao Buns by Get Maine Lobster

How To Prepare Surf & Turf Lobster Rolls With Bao Buns

Our gourmet Surf & Turf Bao Roll is a guaranteed win in the flavor department, and is also super easy to prepare! Just follow these five simple steps...

All items in this kit arrive frozen. Thaw completely (we recommend thawing overnight in your refrigerator) before starting the steps below.
  1. Prepare your Bao Buns: steam your thawed bao buns for 3 minutes until soft and hot. Set aside.
  2. Prepare Lobster Meat: your lobster meat arrives perfectly pre-cooked, so no need for further cooking. Simply baste thawed lobster meat in melted butter at medium heat (on stovetop) for 3 minutes to warm.
  3. Sear & Grill your Heritage Sirloin: you may prepare your steak however you prefer, though we suggest you sear and grill your steak to your desired doneness, then thinly slice to fit evenly across your Bao Buns
  4. Melt your Béarnaise Butter on low heat on stove top.
  5. Place warmed lobster meat and cooked sirloin evenly on four Bao Buns, and then generously spoon béarnaise butter on top.
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