Maine Lobster Tails

Our Maine Lobster Tails are wild-caught, expertly hand-picked, flash-frozen to lock in that ocean-fresh flavor, and shipped straight from our docks to your doorstep. Perfect for elevating your appetizer spread, upscaling your favorite recipe, or making any meal an extra special occasion.

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Petite Maine Lobster Tails (3-4oz)
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Sweetest Maine Lobster Tails (4-5oz)
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Large Maine Lobster Tails (5-6oz)
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Over-Sized Maine Lobster Tails (6-7oz)
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Jumbo-Sized Lobster Tails (7-8oz)
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Colossal North Atlantic Lobster Tails (8-10 oz)
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Twin Mega Lobster Tails (14-16 oz)
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Twin EXTRA Gigantic Tails (16-20 oz.)
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Massive Lobster Tails (20-24 oz)
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Maine Lobster Tail Feast
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Lavish Maine Lobster Arancini

Lavish Maine Lobster Arancini

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How To Prepare Tina Cannon's Nashville Hot Lobster

How To Prepare Tina Cannon's Nashville Hot Lobster

Wild-caught Maine lobstah tails, Big Green Egg’s Nashville Hot Seasoning, Savannah Bee Company Hot Honey, and a game-winning recipe from American BBQ Champion, Chef Tina Cannon.
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Maine Lobster Thermidor Recipe

Maine Lobster Thermidor Recipe

Great for a romantic dinner at home, this indulgent 117 year old French dish has been loved throughout the ages for good reason. Bon appétit!
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Lobster Tails Make Dinner Extraordinary

Looking to add some serious seafood cred to your next meal? Our wild-caught, hand-selected Maine Lobster Tails are the perfect way to up your appetizer game, or take any dish from ordinary to extraordinary. Flash-frozen for maximum freshness and flavor, these tails will make any meal feel like a special occasion. So go ahead and indulge – we assure you, lobster is always a good idea.

The Perfect Dish for Any Occasion

Lobster is the perfect appetizer, main course, or side dish for any occasion! Our wild-caught Maine Lobster Tails are hand-picked and flash-frozen to lock in that delicious ocean flavor. Plus, they're shipped straight from our docks to your doorstep, so you can enjoy lobster anytime you want!

Unforgettable Maine Lobster Flavor

Imagine the sweet succulence of lobster, kissed by the salty ocean breezes. Now imagine that flavor in your mouth, any time you want. With our wild-caught Maine Lobster Tails, you can have that unforgettable taste anytime, without leaving home. So go ahead and add a little bit of luxury to your next meal with our delicious lobster tails.

Taste The Difference With Our Maine Lobster Delivery To Your Door

These delicious tails are hand-picked and flash-frozen to lock in that ocean-fresh flavor, then shipped straight to your doorstep. Whether you're looking for a delicious appetizer or a decadent main course, our lobster tails are sure to please. So order now and taste the difference for yourself!