Best Beer and Seafood Pairings

Best Beer and Seafood Pairings

"What goes good with beer?"

It's not an uncommon question during the relaxed days of summer (or when we're in a summer state of mind!) when beer and food pairings may be top of mind at the approach of any given weekend - especially if seafood is on the menu. Luckily for fans of both beer and seafood, the two summer staples pair very well year-round, and both offer a wide variety of tasty options. 

Here are a few of our favorite beer and seafood pairings.

American IPA & Lobster

An ice cold American IPA with a nice hoppy (slightly bitter) bite can be amazingly refreshing on a hot summer day. IPAs can vary in taste, from floral notes to citrusy or piney flavors, all punctuated with extra hops for a pleasant bitterness. For a beer with such a strong presence, you’ll need to choose a seafood that can hold its own. Rich, savory, buttery lobster does the trick! In fact, buttered lobster is the perfect complement to temper bitter IPAs. Try American IPA beer for your next lobster boil dinner, and be sure to serve your lobster with lots of butter. Yum!

Hefeweizen & Scallops

With bright, citrusy notes, and gently spiced clove undertones, this German wheat beer makes a great pairing with seafood of all kinds, and works especially well with shellfish. Light and bubbly, hefeweizen beers really shine when paired with the rich, slightly sweet flavors of fresh sea scallops. For an indulgent, yet light dinner, treat yourself to a tall, refreshing glass of hefeweizen with juicy pan seared scallops.

Lager & Fish Tacos

Nothing says “summertime” like enjoying a pint of frosty American lager on the back deck or patio. This clear, crisp beverage has been a favorite amongst American beer drinkers since the mid-1800s, when German migrants brought their lager style beer to the USA. Popular, highly carbonated, and classic, lager beers pair well with a variety of seafood - especially lighter fare. For a fun twist, try pairing your favorite American lager with delicious fish tacos

Amber Ale & Grilled Salmon

Smooth, and citrusy with notes of caramel malt, amber ales are brimming with flavor - and offer a perfect hint of sweetness. This medium-bodied beer tastes best when paired with flavorful foods, such as sharp cheddar cheese or grilled meats. Give your taste buds a treat with grilled salmon and a rich amber ale at your next BBQ. The savory, smoked taste of grilled salmon is enhanced by the sweet, malty undertones of amber ale. Bonus points for grilling up your salmon with your favorite BBQ sauce - also known to pair well with amber ale.