Lobster Claws As Big As Your Face blog image by Get Maine Lobster

Lobster Claws As Big As Your Face

Remember when Costco customers freaked out about Gigantic Lobster Claws

Costco focused on the West Coast stores for these bad boys and they went fast...there are just not many lobsters this size that get caught and sold. Let's say you find one, like from GetMaineLobster.com. Now what?

So, how they heck do you tackle this beast?

--- You have to cook this gigantic claw! 
--- Figure out how to crack it's thick-as-a-tree shell.
--- Is it all worth it?

Cooking A Gigantic Lobster Claw:

--- Pick your method.
--- Know your timing.
--- Have the right tools.

We did some hands-on research. CLICK HERE to learn how to cook a Gigantic Lobster Claw.

Cracking A Gigantic Lobster Claw:

--- Tools! Chainsaw? 😮
--- Patience is needed. It may take multiple methods.
--- Caveman/woman spirit. The effort needed to crack the shell to discover the divine morsels that wait within...takes. You need character and spirit.

Luck for you, we researched this as well. CLICK HERE to learn how to crack a Gigantic Lobster Claw.