How To Crack A Huge Lobster Claw Blog image by Get Maine Lobster

How To Crack A Huge Lobster Claw

As the saying goes, "There's more than one way to skin a cat." There's also more than one way to crack a GIGANTIC Lobster Claw.

Method #1: Wooden Mallet

  • Have patience, it will take a few whacks.
  • Hopefully you have more than one mallet, as you may break the first one.
  • You will get messy, be sure not to wear your favorite shirt.

Method #1: Heavy Chef Knife

  • Be sure it's heavy. The claw is super-thick and will take some force.
  • Count on about 3-5 whacks.
  • Again, do not wear your favorite shirt.
  • See video below for "where" to whack!

UPDATE: We had some folks place the claw inside a ziplock and use a dough roller pin...GENIUS!

Handy Tools To Have Available:

  1. Heavy Chef Knife
  2. Kitchen Shears
  3. Lots of newspaper
  4. Cutting board


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