How to Cook Huge Lobster Claws Recipe image by Get Maine Lobster

How to Cook Huge Lobster Claws

What is the best way to cook a lobster claw the size of a "regular" whole lobster?

---Lobster meat is delicate...timing is everything.
---Know the weight. Lobster meat is timed by the pound.
---Look for "RED" 👉🏼Red and Ready!

---These claws are blanched and flash frozen.

Method #1: Boil Your Huge Lobster Claw

  • Be sure to allow your lobster claw to fully thaw. 24 hours in the fridge, or run under cold water for 30 - 45 mins.
  • Using a deep pot, bring water to a boil.
  • Boil for 12 mins for 1 LB 👉🏼Claw in the photo is 1-LB. Add 3 minutes for every extra pound.
  • When you drop the lobster claw in the boiling water, do not start your timer until the water is fully boiling again.
  • Use tongs to take the claw out of the boiling water and set aside.
  • Allow to cool before cracking.

Method #2: On The Grill

When I use the grill, I love to use foil!

  • Be sure the Gigantic Lobster Claw is fully thawed.
  • Get 2 sheets of foil
  • Lay Gigantic Lobster Claw on sheet one.
  • Cut some lemons and sprinkle a little sea salt.
  • Wrap up the claw, flip and place on foil sheet #2.
  • Wrap tightly.
  • Spark the grill...keep it on high.
  • Once grill is warmed up, place Gigantic Lobster Claw in foil on the grill (upper tier if you have that).
  • Close the grill and count to 1200, or set timer for 20 minutes for a 1-LB claw. Add 5 minutes for every extra pound in size.
  • Use tongs to remove claw from grill. Allow to cool.

Tools to Have Handy:

  1. Heavy Chef Knife
  2. Deep pot
  3. Long tongs
  4. Aluminum foil
  5. Lots of newspaper (can get a little messy)
  6. Camera 👉🏼you're gonna want to take some pics

Now...How the heck are you going to crack this Gigantic Lobster Claw? CLICK HERE to find out.