Dive into July's Mystery Box

Dive into July's Mystery Box

Our limited-edition July Mystery Box puts the "sea" in BBQ season, featuring wild-caught ocean delights made for summer grilling.

Here’s what’s inside our (sold out!) July Mystery Box:

4 Sweet & Petite Maine Lobster Tails (3-4 oz.): Smaller in size, but HUGE on sweetness, tenderness and flavor. Our petite Maine Lobster Tails come from smaller wild-caught Maine lobsters, who are widely believed to have the sweetest meat. Flash-frozen for ocean-freshness.

2 Wild-Caught Mahi Mahi Steaks (6 oz.): Sweet. Mild. Perfect medium firmness. Mahi Mahi is a trending fish for good reason. This yummy, versatile fish can be prepared practically any way you wish, but really shines when grilled. Flash-frozen for ocean-freshness.

2 Wild-Caught Swordfish Steaks (6 oz.): Featuring a beefy, steak-like texture and mild flavor, this extra lean fish is excellent on the grill and guaranteed to impress even the most discerning of your dining companions. Flash-frozen for ocean-fresh flavor.

1 LB Colossal Shrimp: These juicy, giant U-12 shrimp (meaning there are approx. 12 colossal shrimp per pound) are sure to level-up any backyard soiree. Flash-frozen for ocean-fresh flavor.

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