Savor Your Own Juicy Mystery...

Savor Your Own Juicy Mystery...

You don't need to be a detective to enjoy a good old fashioned mystery...

Our customers have loved our limited-edition Mystery Boxes so much, we decided to offer a new mystery experience every month.

Here are a few clues about these exclusive, coveted Maine lobster and seafood experiences. 

Our expertly curated mystery box assortments always include what folks love most: succulent, sweet, 100% wild-caught Maine lobster - from juicy lobster tails, to lobster mac & cheese, to whole frozen lobsters and more. Each Mystery Box will always feature Maine lobster as the star in some delicious form!

Mystery Boxes always serve at least four, and shipping is always FREE. 

Mystery Boxes are available for purchase every second Monday of the month, and only those who have joined our Mystery Box Waitlist are given a heads up when each experience is able to be reserved. 

Our Mystery Boxes always sell out FAST. Sometimes within hours!

Be sure to check HERE to discover when our next Mystery Box is available (plus see past Mystery Boxes!), and check your email inbox to be in the know when the next expertly curated assortment is released. 

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