October Mystery Box -SOLD OUT

October Mystery Box -SOLD OUT



Rich, hearty and delicious, our carefully curated October Mystery Box provides a five-star restaurant experience featuring (HINT!) a special chef-made secret ingredient, two ocean treasures, and of course... juicy Maine lobster!

You Get: Four Sweet & Petite Maine Lobster Tails (3-4 oz) | Two additional ocean delicacies | One special secret ingredient made by a celebrity chef + one item to bring everything together deliciously | Only $139.99 | Free Overnight Shipping | Arrives Thursday, 10/14/21 | Feeds up to four people

More Hints/Details:

  • Includes four sweet & petite Maine lobster tails (3-4 oz./each)
  • Also includes: two additional delights from the sea, one chef-made secret ingredient and one essential to tie it all together flawlessly
  • 100% Wild-caught lobster tails are hand-harvested, sustainably sourced and flash-frozen to lock in ocean-fresh flavor
  • Cooking instructions included - prep is a cinch
  • Just $139.99 | Free Shipping| Arrives Thu. 10/14/21
  • Limited Edition Box - only 100 available, claim yours today

Psst...Bonus hint: includes an exclusive, secret item created by a celebrity chef!

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