Perfectly Pre-Cooked Snow Crab Leg Meat (2LBs)

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Perfectly Pre-Cooked Snow Crab Leg Meat (2LBs)

Perfectly Pre-Cooked Snow Crab Leg Meat (2LBs)

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  • Ships Overnight from Portland, ME
  • Succulent Wild-Caught Snow Crab Leg Meat
  • Perfectly Pre-Cooked & De-Shelled
  • Arrives Ready To Enjoy Once Thawed


Our wild-caught Maine lobstah put us on the map for seafood-lovers nationwide...

But from time-to-time, we hear requests from folks who have a hankering for some juicy crab legs.

Could you go for some sweet, succulent crab leg meat on your table? How about crab leg meat that's perfectly pre-cooked, de-shelled for you, and flash frozen to trap in all the briny goodness of the deep North Atlantic sea?

This special, limited time Snow Crab Leg Meat bundle is for you! Caught wild from the depths of the untamed sea, these crab legs are pre-cooked to perfection, picked and de-shelled for you, and then expertly flash-frozen, sealing in peak freshness! 

Sweet, succulent, and packing a punch of icy wild-caught ocean goodness, this crab leg meat is WICKED good. And since all cooking and de-shelling work is done for you, this North Atlantic Snow Crab Meat arrives to your doorstep ready to grace your table once thawed.

How's that for effortless -and delicious - dining?

Are you interested in feasting on juicy crab leg meat? Reel in this shell-of-a-deal today. Don't delay! We only have 100 of these special crab leg meat bundles in-stock, and this offer will fly off our shelves fast!

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Sustainability efforts of the Maine Lobster fishery began in 1872, when the first law was passed to protect the resource for future generations. Maine lobsters are hand-harvested from small day boats & caught one trap at a time with strict requirements on size & breeding status. We’re proud to be part of this heritage.

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Nitrogen is the quickest and most modern method of freezing - taking as little as 18 minutes - and preserves the fresh natural flavor & texture of lobster like no other. All of our frozen items are carefully flash-frozen at peak freshness for you.

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