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Claw-Some Deal Live Maine Lobstah👉Best Price. Ships FREE.

Claw-Some Deal Live Maine Lobstah👉Best Price. Ships FREE.

Do you like to live LARGE? 

Why not surprise your dining companions and set out a spread they'll never forget? Plus hook into a wicked good deal?

Right now, you can have a half DOZEN wild-caught live Maine lobsters delivered right to your doorstep on Friday 10/6/23 at our best price and with Free Overnight Shipping.

Flash Sale Details/You Get:

  • 6 Regular-Size or 6 Large Wild-Caught Live Maine Lobsters -- (6) 1-1.2 lb lobsters for just $149.99 or upgrade to large 1.2-1.4 lb lobsters for just $35 more!
  • Arrives live, ready to prepare and guaranteed fresh
  • Sustainably harvested and hand-selected daily
  • Detailed prep instructions included
  • Arrives Friday 10/6/23 | Free Overnight Shipping
  • Hurry, our best-price deals sell out in hours, and market price changes daily.

6-Pack Regular Size Live Maine Lobsters 


Upgrade: 6-Pack Larger Live Maine Lobsters

Just $35 More

Wild-caught off the coast of Maine in the morning, on your doorstep the very next day. Do you want to know why folks love our Live Maine Lobster? Not only does our lobstah for turn any ol' dinner into a wicked special occasion, you get the real "Maine Lobster Dinner" experience right in your home.

We're talkin' dining on Maine lobster that's fresher than some you mind find if you were having dinner on the beach, right here in Maine! 

"How the heck is that possible," you might ask...It's because the ocean waters off the Maine coast freezing cold! These deep, cold-water lobsters thrive off our nutrient rich icy deep waters, where they grow healthy and unspoiled from warmer inshore waters. 

Do you want in on another secret? Right now on our site, a half dozen regular-sized live lobsters are selling for $249.99 + $19.99 shipping. Don't miss your chance to catch them at a great savings (up to $100 off!), plus with Free Shipping!

Here's how we get wicked fresh Live Maine Lobsters to your doorstep alive and kickin' all the way from our dock in Portland, ME.

We'd love to ship your a half dozen juicy live Maine lobsters for your weekend at a great value! Interested? Don't delay!

This special price is only available here on this page, and only our best customers are being notified of this exclusive promotion.

**Due to this offer being at our best price, we are unable to apply additional discount codes**