FRESH MAINE LOBSTER MEAT👉 Back in limited supply

FRESH MAINE LOBSTER MEAT👉 Back in limited supply

Do you love succulent Fresh Maine Lobster Meat? How about hooking into the best deals?

We've got a shell-of-a-deal for you! Right now, you can have wild caught pre-cooked FRESH Maine Lobster Meat delivered right to your doorstep at special value pricing and with Free Overnight Shipping!

Flash Sale Details/You Get:

  • FRESH (Never Frozen) Maine Lobster Meat (sweet claw & knuckle) -- 2 lbs for only $189.99 + FREE Overnight Shipping
  • Wild-caught, sustainably sourced, hand-selected & hand-picked
  • Pre-cooked to perfection for you & shipped FRESH to your door, straight off our Portland, ME dock
  • Arrives FRIDAY (5/24) 👉 Elevate your Memorial weekend menu!
  • Hurry, only 24 two-pound bundles left & they WILL go fast

*This special is delivered Friday, May 24. You'll receive a shipping notification with your specific arrival date before your package ships out. Be sure to be on the lookout in your inbox! Special value offer only while supplies last.

Do you want to know what else makes this deal so sweet? It takes 10-12 lobsters to produce two pounds of lobster claw & knuckle meat!

Ours is wild-caught, hand-selected, hand-picked and cooked to perfection...then hand-packed and hand-delivered FRESH, right to your doorstep straight off our dock in Portland, Maine.

And here's a little secret for you: right now on our site, two pounds of Frozen Maine Lobster Claw & Knuckle Meat is selling for $199.99, plus $19.99 shipping. 

Don't miss your chance to catch two pound of FRESH Maine Lobster Meat for less, plus with FREE Overnight Shipping!

We were able to catch a nice rate on the sweetest, wild-caught FRESH Maine Lobster claw & knuckle meat, and we wanted to pass along the special to you!

Would you like in on another little secret used by pro chefs and home-cooks in the know? Crafting an incredible meal is wicked easy when you start with our FRESH pre-cooked lobster claw & knuckle meat. It doesn't even need to be thawed out! 

We'd love to ship you this wicked good deal on sweet, juicy, FRESH Maine lobstah claw & knuckle meat! Interested?

Don't dilly-dally! This very special-price deal will be snapped up in a pinch!

Please enjoy or freeze within 5-7 days of receipt.

This special price offer is only available here on this page, and only our best customers are being notified of this exclusive promotion.

**Due to this offer being at our best price, we are unable to apply additional discount codes**

Orders containing 2 LBs lobster meat or more may come with the lobster meat packed in two-pound bags. If you'd like specific packaging for your order, please reach out to our folks in customer support for assistance upon completing your order.