Your Choice: You Pick When Your Order Arrives

Your Choice: You Pick When Your Order Arrives

Mark Murrell

Our Mission: An unforgettable Maine lobster experience at home.

You want something special. You're going to fly in some lobster and seafood from Maine. What's the process? When do I order?

We're the experts at delivering Maine lobster to your home. And, we discovered early on that you need the freedom and power to choose when your lobster order arrives. Am I right?

When do you ship my order?

Every order placed on (minus eGift cards), is able to (and required) choose an arrival date (Tuesday - Saturday). So, the short answer, we pick, pack, and ship your order the day before the arrival date you selected.

Ok, so I can place my order today and have it arrive in 2 weeks?

YES! In fact, you can order today, pick a date in 2 weeks, and then change your mind. This is especially helpful when we have one of our random FLASH sales and you do not want to miss out on special savings.

Hey, what's it like to fly in some Live lobsters from Maine...

Here's Our Promise:

  1. Superior quality: we literally curate every product we offer. 
  2. Exceptional service: we treat you like family.
  3. We always make it right: even when we get it wrong!
  4. Sustainably focused: from our products, to our print materials. If it's not sustainably sourced, we don't use it to operate our business.

Ready for us to deliver Maine lobster to your doorstep? Below are our most current and popular special offers...just in time for the your Holiday FEAST!

  • Just Lobster: if you're a purist, go here for live Maine lobsters, lobster tails, and perfectly cooked lobster meat.
  • Buy One, Get One FREE: needs no explanation...who doesn't like free stuff?
  • Holiday Apps: #JustAddLobster for the holidays.
  • Maine Lobster Roll Kit: no cooking required, and you can experience America's trendiest sandwich, fresh from the source!

If you've yet to use our Maine lobster delivery service, we'd love to serve. Check out our Facebook page...we have more 5-star ratings that any other Maine lobster company!