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Partner Spotlight: Pineland Farms

We discovered Pineland Farms when we were searching for the juiciest, highest quality beef cuts for our customers.

Not only did we need to find the finest beef, it was also important that the beef came from natural cattle raised in the USA under humane conditions.

We were thrilled to discover Pineland Farms, an all-natural beef producer in our local community that checked all our boxes.

Starting out on a small saltwater farm in coastal Maine, Pineland Farms has led the way in all-natural beef production. They are committed to producing the highest quality, best tasting beef from cattle raised humanely in the USA. Their unwavering commitment to quality and animal welfare resonated with customers.

Since their modest beginnings, Pineland Farms has been able to expand to include a network of over 200 family farms, located in the Eastern region of the country that all share the same animal welfare values.

Exclusively born, raised and harvested in the USA, Pineland Farms cattle are fed a strict vegetarian diet without any added growth hormones or animal by-products. All Pineland Farms beef is antibiotic-free from birth, USDA graded Prime & Choice, and guaranteed to be absolutely delectable.

Combining stringent, natural production protocols with superior cattle, Pineland Farms is proud to provide the highest quality, best tasting beef on the market.

We’re delighted to partner with Pineland Farms to help bring delicious, natural beef from the farm to your dinner table.

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