Grill-Worthy Recipes for Memorial Day Weekend Blog image by Get Maine Lobster

Grill-Worthy Recipes for Memorial Day Weekend

Looking for awesome crowd pleasing recipes for Memorial Day Weekend? Check out this mouthwatering selection of our favorite grill-worthy recipes and impress your family and friends!
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Mother's Day 2021: 4 No-Fail Ways to Celebrate Mom at Home Blog image by Get Maine Lobster

Mother's Day 2021: 4 No-Fail Ways to Celebrate Mom at Home

If you're planning a really special experience for the #1 Mom in your life for Mother's Day - your spouse, significant other, or your very own mom - our recommended recipes and tips have got you covered.
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Make This Easter Unforgettable Blog image by Get Maine Lobster

Make This Easter Unforgettable

Easter and spring present time to enjoy traditions and fun activities that brighten our days. Here are a few creative ideas to make your celebrations extra special.
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St. Patrick's Day Recipe Round-Up Blog image by Get Maine Lobster

St. Patrick's Day Recipe Round-Up

Prepare any of these yummy Maine Lobster and seafood recipes, and your St. Paddy's Day dinner is guaranteed to be as magnificent as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.
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How to have an amazing Valentine's Day at home Blog image by Get Maine Lobster

How to have an amazing Valentine's Day at home

Celebrating Valentine's Day at home can be filled with love and fun, whether you're celebrating with your boo, besties (over Zoom) or even riding solo. Here's some inspiration to get you started.
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Holiday Recipe Round Up

Holiday Recipe Round Up

No matter what holiday you celebrate when December rolls around, it’s likely that food plays a special part in your family traditions. We rounded up our favorite Maine lobster & seafood recipes to get your dinner ideas started.
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Prepare for a Priceless® Experience Blog image by Get Maine Lobster

Prepare for a Priceless® Experience

We've partnered with Mastercard to provide a Priceless® Experience, bringing delicious Maine lobster cooking lessons - led by three incredible chefs - directly to your kitchen.
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Homegating: A Trend Football Fans Love Right Now Blog image by Get Maine Lobster

Homegating: A Trend Football Fans Love Right Now

The "homegating" trend gives fans a fresh way to enjoy game day at home by bringing tailgate traditions that make watching football even more fun and exciting home. Get a head start on your own homegating party with these winning ideas!

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Prime Lobster Deals Winner Blog image by Get Maine Lobster

Prime Lobster Deals Winner

We kicked off our first Prime Lobster Deals Event with savings on our ocean-fresh customer favorites...

Plus a special iPad Mini giveaway: one winner to be randomly selected from orders placed 10/13-10/14 2020.

Did you join in the prime time fun? Watch Mark Murrell (our founder) pull the lucky winner's name out of a hat. Who knows - maybe you're the lucky customer who won the iPad Mini in our Prime Lobster Deals giveaway!

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Making Maine Lobster Rolls with Pro Home Cooks Blog image by Get Maine Lobster

Making Maine Lobster Rolls with Pro Home Cooks

Our CEO, Mark Murrell recently sat down with  Mike G of Pro Home Cooks to share some expert techniques for making the perfect Maine Lobster Roll, including a secret recipe that levels up this New England classic like never before.

Mark also shared lots of helpful information on harvesting lobster in Maine, and even gave away his best tricks for cooking (and cracking into!) live lobster. Plus...Mike G makes his lobster roll buns from scratch!

If you love Maine lobster, then this informative and fun video is a must-watch!

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How We Celebrated National Lobster Day Blog image by Get Maine Lobster

How We Celebrated National Lobster Day

We celebrated National Lobster Day 2020 the best way possible: lobstering off the pristine coast of Maine. 

We were fortunate enough to be escorted by Captain Jack Thomas and Bruce Brown - real Maine Lobstermen who have over 60 years of lobstering experience between the two of them. 

Take a look at the live footage we captured from our Maine lobstering adventure - with our own Mark Murrell hosting the video and sharing tons of great information about all things Maine lobster!  

We hope you were able to sink your teeth into some fresh Maine lobster this National Lobster Day.

If not, no worries! Every day is the perfect day to savor delicious lobster from Maine.




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Appreciating Maine Lobstermen on Labor Day Blog image by Get Maine Lobster

Appreciating Maine Lobstermen on Labor Day

Labor Day is coming right up....

The air is getting cooler, the sun is setting sooner, and parents and kids are preparing for back-to-school season within our “new normal.” With all the hustle and bustle of this transitional period, it can be easy to forget that Labor Day is more than just a long-weekend (although, we do love the extra day to kick back 😎). Officially recognized as a national holiday in 1894, Labor Day is about celebrating the achievements and contributions of American workers. Now more than ever, it’s clear that workers across all industries are what keeps the USA running smoothly. 

As we approach another Labor Day, we can’t help but feel a strong sense of respect and appreciation for our favorite group of hard working citizens: Maine lobstermen and women. Here are just a few reasons we’re celebrating our lobstermen this Labor Day weekend. 

Heritage, hard work and expertise

The Maine lobster fishery dates back to the 1600s, making it one of the oldest lobster fisheries in the USA. Just like the generations before them, today’s Maine lobstermen hand-catch their lobster from their small day-boats around the Gulf of Maine. Most start their day well before sunrise, so they can be out to sea by daybreak. Since so much of their day depends on sea and climate conditions, Maine lobstermen have to become experts on the weather, oceanography, and the impacts of natural elements (such as moon phases) as they relate to the tide.

Lobstermen and women aren’t only experts on lobster, coastal weather and the sea, they also have to expertly operate and maintain their boats, traps and buoys. Salty, choppy and often frigid conditions make coastal Maine waters quite unforgiving - especially when it comes to safety and keeping one’s boat in tip-top shape. The life of a lobsterman isn’t easy! But Maine lobstermen wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Sustainability at sea

Harvesting sustainably and protecting the lobster population has been important to Maine lobstermen for over 100 years. In fact, sustainable practices such as releasing egg-bearing females and implementing size restrictions on lobsters caught have been in place since the 1800s.

Responsible sourcing isn’t new to Maine lobstermen - it’s been a way of life for generations. Today, Maine fishermen have formalized and expanded their sustainability practices for the lobster industry. Sustainability practices include using biodegradable vents on lobster traps, so lobsters can get through in the event a trap gets lost; measuring each catch to make sure any lobsters that are brought to market measure within strict limits set to avoid harvesting juveniles or female breeding lobsters; and marking/”notching” the tails of egg-bearing female lobsters before putting them back into the sea to alert other fishermen to the female’s fertile status.

These rigorous standards help keep Maine’s lobster population healthy, so our area doesn’t become overfished, and future generations can work the same fishery. 

Showing some love on Labor Day

The work is tough and the days are long, but the rewards are well worth reaping. We’re proud of our hardworking lobstermen and women - an important part of our economy and way of life in Coastal Maine.

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