Why Winter Birthdays Deserve Some Summer Fun Blog image by Get Maine Lobster

Why Winter Birthdays Deserve Some Summer Fun

There’s nothing quite like the taste of a fresh Maine lobster. It’s a classic, New England staple you’ve likely tried, whether you call yourself a Mainer or an out-of-towner. We’re proud for being known for lobster, and love to share this wild caught gem with the rest of the country.

Every morning we wake up, scrape the snow off our cars, and dream of summer as we prepare and deliver our finest delicacy to you, wherever you may be. Some people out there believe that lobster is just a summer food, meant for backyard hangouts or seasonal New England restaurants. We think lobster tastes even sweeter in the winter, and deserves to be enjoyed all year long. Whether it’s June of January, everyone has a right to sink their teeth into a juicy lobster roll lathered in warm melted butter.

So why should the summer months and big holidays have all the fun? Lobster is the perfect treat for celebrating winter birthdays, and serves as an excellent present for your seafoodie friends and family. Give them the ultimate gift of nostalgia for their birthday: the taste of warmer, carefree, saltier days.

Maine lobster shackLobster can remind you of days and nights spent on the beach with your closest friends and family, and can either give you a slice of home or adventure. One of the most nostalgic sounds is the crisp crack of a claw or tail shell crashing away to reveal the tender meat within. And there’s something about the salty smell of bright red, steamed lobster that transports you to a memory or a feeling; visiting grandma’s house in Nantucket? Or maybe that restaurant in Maine you always ate at when your parents picked you up from summer camp? Whatever your memories are, it’s clear that lobster isn’t just food, it’s an emotional experience that captures all your senses.

Eating lobster is social; you can learn a lot about someone based on whether they prefer claw or tail meat. Or how they build their favorite lobster roll. Butter? Mayo? Warm? Cold? In Maine, we take these discussions, opinions, and culinary adventures very seriously. We encourage you to try our lobster so you can have these talks too.

While everyone’s experiences with lobster may differ, we can all agree on one thing--it tastes the best when shared with loved ones. So this winter, give the gift of live, fresh, or frozen lobster. Whether you’re personally throwing a birthday party or shipping the package across the country as a slice of home, it’s always a meaningful gift from the heart.