Fisherman's Wharf in Swans Island Maine Image by Get Maine Lobster

Where Our Lobsters Come From

We ship lobster all over the, where do our lobsters come from? We don't deliver just any Maine lobster...we only select and ship the best from 4 of our favorite locations in Maine;

  1. Eastport, Maine
  2. Milbridge, Maine
  3. Swans Island, Maine; and
  4. Prospect Harbor, Maine

"The lobsters could not have been more perfect, I did not screw them up, and the dinner was sensational. I don't know how you can so consistently do what you do so well, but keep it up!"

--Tim, Virginia (verified repeat buyer)

Location, Location, Location

These wharfs are located strategically in some of the best fishing grounds along the coast of Maine. And, harvested by families that have been fishing these waters for generations. Handling and humane harvesting are very important to us. These wharfs are run by experienced teams that take pride in achieving the high standards we demand.

From Dock to Doorstep

Once we have made our selection from the mornings catch, refrigerator trucks carefully transport our lobsters to our facility in Portland. Every lobster immediately gets "seasoned" in preparation for their journey to your doorstep. Seasoning is an important process when shipping live Maine lobsters across the country. We place the lobsters in a cooling tank...this helps reduce their stress and puts them into a partial hibernation state. Keeping your lobster stress-free is #1. This ensures that you're getting that fresh from the ocean experience.

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure every lobster we deliver gives you an unforgettable experience. We don't choose just any lobster...only the finest of the catch and we go through the proper steps to deliver that prime lobster flavor with every order. Just ask any of the 250K people we have served over the years.

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