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Sustainable Packaging, Shipping, and Marketing

We Believe in a Sustainable Future

We work hard to do our part by partnering with suppliers and services providers that prioritize sustainable practices.

Sustainable Fishing

Maine's Lobster industry has an intrinsic focus on sustainability and conservation that's been embedded in the Maine way of life for generations. In fact, it dates back to more than 150 years.

Maine Lobster harvesters, small business owners who independently own and operate their boats, have been committed to fishery sustainability and traceability way before it was fashionable.

These hardworking folks continue to evolve their practices based on the needs of the marine environment.

In effort to maintain Maine's strong and healthy lobster population, Maine Lobsters are 100% hand-harvested - each harvester handles every single lobster with care.

These lobsters are caught one trap at a time to protect their quality and environment. MOre disruptive fishing techniques, such as dragging (which can be detrimental to the habitat) are prohibited for lobstermen in Maine.

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We work closely with our shipping providers to reverse our use of greenhouse gases to achieve a net-zero impact on the environment. We partner with providers that pursue efficiency at every turn and invest in alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles to pioneer more sustainable solutions with lower environmental impacts.

We look at every available opportunity to do our part to limit our impact on the environment, while delivering your unforgettable experiences for your to share with your friends, family, and loved ones.

Mark Murrell, founder and chief curator

Mark Murrell, Founder and Chief Curator

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