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Summer Reading List for Lobster Lovers

It's summertime in Maine! A time when we make the most of our small window of warm weather.

Maine summers are filled with beach days, berry picking, hiking, agricultural fairs, and if you're lucky, spending time "upta camp" (Mainer speak for lake house) with your favorite people.

Getting active outside is key to an authentic Maine summer experience, but it's often the quiet moments that provide our greatest pleasures - such as days spent lounging at the beach or pool with a good book.

Here are a few of our favorite lobster themed books to enjoy this summer:

Saving Libbie the Lobster, by Heather Chalmers & Marybeth Jeitner

This heartwarming story of Libbie, a rare yellow lobster's journey from a Florida supermarket to the Seacoast Science Center in New Hampshire features GML's very own Mark Murrell. Kids and grown-ups alike will love this tale of teamwork and wildlife rescue.

Lobster Tales, by David Hurley

Filled with fun facts, legends, and fascinating information about our favorite crustacean, this book is a pleasure for both young and "young at heart" readers. 

The Lobster Chronicles, by Linda Greenlaw

Written by a deep sea fisherman from Maine, this New York Times Best-Seller provides a fun literary escape and an inside view of life on a small Maine island. 

Stern Men, by Elizabeth Gilbert

If you like suspense, history and lobster 🦞, then you'll want this witty page-turner in your beach bag. Based on fictional islands off the coast of Maine, this novel tells a coming of age story with a gritty New England fishermen twist. 

The Lobster Coast, by Colin Woodard

This engaging book walks readers through the cultural history of Maine through the lens of Maine's lobster industry. A must-read for anyone who loves history, lobster, Maine, or all of the above! 

A great book makes the summertime extra easy...

And stories about lobstermen/women bring the spirit of the Maine coast to life - something worthy of experiencing no matter where you find yourself this summer.

PS...Here's a great snap shot of Mark with the real Libbie the Lobster!

Mark with Libbie