Reflection & Action Post The Tragedy in Lewiston, Maine

Reflection & Action Post The Tragedy in Lewiston, Maine

Growing up, we called it L.A. (Lewiston, Auburn). We had youth leagues where kids from both cities played on the same team. Maine’s twin cities.

Now, the entire nation calls it Lewiston Strong. The Celtics, Bruins, teams across the country showing their support.

In reality, Maine is a community. Our state stood shocked when the news hit about the mass killing last Wednesday night. My phone was flooded with text messages from friends and family asking if I was safe.

I am confident the same occurred for all 1 million of other Mainers that night, and early the next morning. We never thought a mass shooting would occur in our neck of the woods.

We were wrong.

Multiple members of the GML team hail from the L.A. area. We were numb. Marc and Moe still live in the area. They were locked down in their homes for more than 2 days. They have their families that look up to them seeking explanation.

We did not have any answers.

What we do know is that Mainers are resilient. We are a gritty bunch that believes in hard work and helping our neighbor. We will be stronger for this…in time. For now, many families need help.

Get Maine Lobster, this group of gritty Mainers is going to help its neighbors.

10% of our gross sales for the rest of the week is going directly to the Lewiston-Auburn Area Response Fund to help support the victims and families impacted by this tragic event.

  • If you would like to give to this organization directly, CLICK HERE.
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  • If you'd like to explore more ways to show your support, CLICK HERE 

There’s absolutely no obligation, of course. We know that we all have our own ways of showing support.

Whether you choose to make a purchase, give directly, share this message, or simply keep our community in your thoughts, we are deeply grateful.