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The Secret to Making Great Lobster Rolls

The coveted lobster roll is the food of choice for anyone wanting to feel a little fancy during lunchtime.

Every home chef wants to try making them at least once, which makes sense when you think about how difficult it can be to find the perfect lobster roll once you’ve tried your first one!

Thankfully, we at Get Maine Lobster are experts when it comes to great lobster recipes. So, today’s post is going to give you a breakdown of the tips & tricks we recommend  to ensure you have the perfect lobster roll experience - every time! Let's get rolling....

The Bread

So, before we get to the lobster, let's talk about that other part of the lobster roll - the bread. Bread is a deceptively important part of any meal. Different kinds of bread dictate the quality of your experience, so choosing the right type is crucial.

First up, you’re probably better off not trying to make a lobster roll with a piece of sourdough or ciabatta. Instead, you want something soft, yet substantial and absorbent. 

Of course, for an authentic Maine experience, we recommend using classic New England Split-Top Rolls. They’re the best bread pairing for lobster rolls and are practically designed to be used to create the best Maine lobster roll experience.

If you’re having trouble finding some New England Split-Top rolls, then don’t worry, as our lobster roll kits come with enough locally-baked rolls to suit your meal. And if you're ever in a pinch, hotdog buns are also capable of making your lobster roll ingredients shine.

The Greens

If you prefer veggies on your lobster roll, we recommend using a vegetable that's fresh and crisp...and not overpowering in the flavor department. 

For example, if you're making lobster rolls using mayo, consider adding celery as your veggie of choice. Celery has a fresh crunchiness that melds well with lobster and doesn’t get soggy from prolonged exposure to moisture.

Condiment Compliment

Traditionally, Maine lobster rolls are made using mayo. However, that hasn’t stopped people from putting their own twists on the idea, with different condiments like hot sauce, or even chipotle, making their way onto lobster rolls.

If you’re from Connecticut, then you’ll be familiar with Connecticut-Style Lobster Rolls, which exclusively use butter in their recipe!

Here's a little secret: while "Mainahs" through and through at Get Maine Lobster, we recommend using just butter so that you can experience all the sweet nuances of flavor that Maine lobsters have to offer.

Lobster City

Alright, the main event. Lobster is the most essential part of any self-respecting lobster roll, so you’ve got to make sure it’s right.

The right lobster for your lobster roll comes down to a combination of lobster type and choice of meat. If you’re reading this, then you’ve already figured out what the best kind of lobster is (Hint: It’s Maine Lobster).

Most folks covet Maine lobster tails, and we can't say we blame them! However, you might be surprised in your journey for learning how to make lobster rolls, to learn that instead of going for the tail meat, you'll want to grab the sweetest parts of the lobster - the claws, and knuckle. These parts are packed with sweet flavor - perfect for stuffing on a sandwich.

That’s it for today’s blog from Get Maine Lobster. Keep an eye out for our next post to learn more about what we’re up to and what makes Maine Lobster so unique. Until then, we’ll see you later!
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