Pre-Split Maine Lobster Tails👉 BEST PRICE + FREE SHIPPING

Pre-Split Maine Lobster Tails👉 BEST PRICE + FREE SHIPPING

"Hey Mark and crew! My four pounds of split tails arrived this morning and we grilled some for dinner and I must tell you these were the sweetest and most tender tails that I have ever received!" ~ Robert S, Ohio

Would you like to indulge in succulent Maine lobster tails? How about scoring some easy-prep lobster tails that are ready to eat in five minutes...and priced at a wicked good deal?

Right now you can have wild caught pre-split Maine lobster tails delivered to your doorstep on Thursday, 12/1 at our best price all year and with Free Overnight Shipping.

Flash Sale Details/You Get:

  • Two or Four POUNDS Pre-Split Wild-Caught Maine Lobster Tails -- 2 lbs for 144.99 or DOUBLE your tails (get 4 lbs pre-split tails) for just $55 more!
  • These pre-split 3-4 oz. tails are ready to eat in 5-6 minutes!
  • Seven to eight Maine Lobster Tails (14-16 split halves) per 2 lbs
  • Sustainably harvested, hand-selected & flash-frozen for arctic freshness
  • Detailed prep instructions included
  • Arrives Thurs 12/1/22 | Free Overnight Shipping
  • Hurry, our best-price deals have been selling out in hours, and market price changes daily.

2 LBs Pre-Split Lobster Tails


4 LBs Pre-Split Lobster Tails

Just $55 More!

Have you heard of our Pre-Split Maine Lobster Tails? Folks love them so much, we often sell out within hours.

This is the first time we've caught this delicacy in quite a while, and we're pumped to be able to offer them to you at a great value.

Tender, sweet and can be ready to serve in 5-6 minutes! Our wild-caught, pre-split 3-4 oz tails are just like all our succulent Maine Lobster Tails for sale, but even easier to prepare and serve.

And with seven to eight Maine Lobster Tails (14-16 tail halves) per 2 pounds, these pre-split tails are more than enough to feed a crowd!

Great way to elevate your appetizer spread or give your guests a first-course that starts off a dinner they’ll never forget.

Wild-caught and flash-frozen right from the sea, our Maine Lobster Tails are ready to prepare once thawed without losing any of their freshness. We'd love to send you some delicious and convenient pre-split tails today!

As you might imagine, these easy-prep tails aren't easy to find in today's market - in fact, the only way to order these coveted tails on our site is right here through this special best-price offer.

Don't miss your chance to catch these juicy, pre-split lobster tails at wicked good savings and with FREE overnight shipping. 

Remember: this top deal is only available here on this page for our best customers. Market price changes daily. Interested in this offer? Don't delay!

**Due to this offer being at our best price, we are unable to apply additional discount codes**