Spotlight: The Original Maine Lobster Dinner

Spotlight: The Original Maine Lobster Dinner

When we launched in late 2009, the "Maine Lobster Dinner" was born. We wanted to deliver something simple, fun, delicious, and elegant. Most of all, we wanted to deliver the pride of Maine!

Wild Caught Live Maine Lobsters

Lobster is arguably the most delicious treat of the summer season and beyond. But there’s one way to take the taste to the next level, and that’s by making it Maine. Why? Because Maine Lobster is the sweetest, most flavorful lobster on Earth. It’s been an integral part of the coastal region for generations—not only is it sustainably harvested, but the fishery also sustains the coastal communities of Maine and the people who call them home. View Prep Tips >

Fresh Maine Mussels

For many years, Prince Edward Island was the world's most popular mussel. Well, step aside PEI...Maine is on the map! Our mussels are harvested daily...meaty and full of delicious flavor that can be enjoyed in a variety of preparations; see Mark's Mussel Recipe > and grab a baguette to soak up the succulent broth.

Maine Crab Cakes

The core of our famous crab cakes >> Jonah Crab meat...harvested off the coast of Maine and exceptional sweet. Whip up your favorite sauce and prepare for this heavenly delight.

The Origin of the MLD

Growing up in Maine, I was lucky to celebrate many gatherings with live Maine lobsters. My favorite memory is of Mom’s signature Maine lobster dinner. She’d buy 4 fresh lobsters from the fish market, along with live Maine mussels harvested that day, and Maine crab cakes handmade in our kitchen.

I remember poking my head into the kitchen when Mom prepared this favorite meal. While eating, I could count on seeing an array of butter-greased chins and smiles across the table as I smacked my own lips, laughter resonating throughout the house. The Maine Lobster Dinner was our first product at GML because we want you to have the chance to capture your own memories with family and friends. Thanks, Mom!