Maine Lobster Fried Rice Recipe image by Get Maine Lobster

Maine Lobster Fried Rice

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Cancel your shrimp fried rice delivery order, we are getting wicked fancy here with Maine Lobster!


  • PREP TIME 30 minutes
  • COOK TIME 5-10 minutes
  • DIFFICULTY LEVEL So easy you will be mad you didn’t think of it earlier.


  1. Maine lobster, claw & knuckles
  2. Ginger, minced 1 tsp
  3. Garlic, minced 1 tsp
  4. Scallions, thinly sliced 1 bu
  5. Mirin/rice wine/lobster stock/water 2 Tbsp
  6. Button Mushrooms, quartered ½ cup
  7. ½ lbs White rice, cooked 1 qt
  8. Peas, frozen ½ cup
  9. Bean sprouts ½ cup
  10. Egg, beaten 3 ea
  11. Oyster Sauce 2 Tbsp
  12. Salt or soy sauce t.t.


1. In a large saute pan or wok heat 1 Tbsp of oil over medium-high heat.

2. Add in the ginger and stir and start to sweat. Once it begins to become very aromatic add in half of the sliced scallions and mushrooms. Once the mushrooms begin to cook down after about 3 minutes add in your garlic. Stir and be careful not to burn the garlic it will brown fast.

3. After about 20 seconds the garlic will become very aromatic, stir in the oyster sauce, once fully incorporated deglaze the pan with your liquid(mirin, rice wine, lobster stock or whatever you have on hand.) Cook down to almost dry.

4. Remove all ingredients from the pan and transfer to a bowl and reserve.

5. Clean you saute pan and return to the stove over high heat with a 2 Tbsp of oil, I perfer canola oil here because you will need it to get ripping hot. Once the oil is screaing hot carefully add in your cooked rice in an even layer. Dont poke, prod or toss the rice, you want to get a good layer of color on it before we start that step.

6. Once we have developed some color on the rice now you can give it a toss or stir.

7. Add lobster, peas, bean sprouts, and vegetable mix into the rice now and toss to heat through. Continue to stir and toss to fully incorporate the ingredients.

8. To finish clear a spot in the middle of the pan by pushing all the rice to the sides. Add in the beaten eggs to the open area and stir to cook and fully incorporate the eggs within the rice. You are essentially making scrambled eggs within your rice. This last step will help bind everything together.

9. Once the eggs are cooked transfer to a large bowl, crush with the other half of sliced scallions and serve family style!


  • Large saute pan
  • Rubber spatula or wooden spoon