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How To Cook A 10 Pound Lobster

Thanks to Executive Chef Fernando Guerrero (Del Frisco's, Las Vegas) for his famous Stuffed Lobster Orgenato.

Step #1

First, you will need to turn the lobster on its back and with a chef knife, cut the lobster in half, lengthwise from the head to the tail.

Step #2

Clean out any of the intestine, tomalley,  etc. from the body that you do not want to eat.

Step #3

To prepare for broiling, place the lobster on a sheet pan and generously rub half and half (this helps sear and tenderize the lobster tail during the cooking process) over the tail meat of the lobster. Pre-heat oven on broil, once oven is fully heated, place lobster in oven, middle of the oven, for 15 minutes.

Step #4

Prepare your stuffing orgenato: Mix Italian bread crumbs, fresh cuts oregano, salt and pepper, and olive oil.

Step #5

Remove the lobster from the oven and change oven from broil to bake and set for 350-degrees. While the oven is cooling down, add the stuffing mix over the lobster tail. Once you have placed the stuffing mix over the tail, drizzle a little more olive oil over the mixture.

Step #6

Place the lobster bake in the oven (bake at 350) for 15 minutes.

Once you take the lobster out, inspect the meat and make sure it is not translucent, but completely white. Check the thickest part of the lobster tail to ensure the entire lobster is cooked. Now, place on a HUGE platter and walk into the dinning room with a HUGE proud look on your face and plop it on the middle of the dinner table. Next, sit back and enjoy the looks on everyones face.

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