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Top 3 Ways To Freeze Fish Without Freezer Burn

You've flown in some fresh fish from Maine and you have some left over. What is the best way to lock-in that fresh flavor, freeze, and protect your fish from freezer burn? You've come to the right place. We're experts at this and while we have all the fancy equipment and technology to freeze fresh fish...we also have 3 great tips for you to expertly freeze your fresh fish.

Tip #1 - Vacuum Sealer

This is the best way to freeze any perishable food item. However, how many of us actually have a vacuum sealer at home? If you do, awesome...surprised you're actually reading this post. If you do not have one at home, checkout tip #2.

Tip #2 - The MacGyver Way

Most of us remember MacGyver figuring our the most impossible scenarios. I call this the MacGyver way, because there is a specific step that makes all the difference:

  1. Be sure you have freezer bags. They are much thicker than regular Zip Locks.
  2. Lay the freezer bag flat on the counter and place the fish in flat as well.
  3. Be sure to press all the air our and then seal the freezer bag.
  4. The MacGyver Step: get some newspaper or butcher paper. Get 3 strands of paper. Lay the freezer bag with fish onto the newspaper and then fold the paper around the fish. Imagine yourself as a butcher. Then, seal the flaps with some tape and then write on the tape what you are freezing.

Tip #3 - Floating In Ice

One way to freeze your fish is to fill the freezer bag with water once you have the fish inside the bag. This can be a great method, however, sometimes a part of the fish does not completely get submerged and frozen in water and that part may get freezer burn.

How Long Can I Freeze My Fish For?

3 - 6 months is the short answer. All freezers are different. Personally, I do not like to freeze for more than 4 months. There are many recipes you can use for your fish, so just don't forget about it and then find it stuffed way in the back a year later. That's just downright wasteful!

If you need anymore tips, email us! Need to stock up? CLICK HERE for our current specials.

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