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5 Award Winning Lobster Tips & Tricks

Anyone can just drop a lobster into boiling water and have a feast for the ages. In my journey to become the only 2-time Maine Lobster Chef of the Year, I developed a few tips to make lobster even better. Yes…lobster can be made even better than it originally is. Ill let you all in on a few top secret tips that will make you look like a rockstar! -- Chef Mac Arrington

#1 Boil bold not bland

When you boil lobster you do not want your water to be just…well….water. First, make the water as salty as the sea the lobster came out of. This is a method of seasoning that will bring out the natural brininess of lobster. Secondly, make your water essentially a flavorful tea by adding in fennel seeds, white peppercorns, celery salt, smashed garlic cloves and/or fresh herbs. The flavor of your water will be subtly absorbed by the lobster meat as it cooks. 

 #2 Eat with your eyes

Granted there is nothing wrong with a perfectly cooked whole lobster on a plate but a little extra color can help not only visually but flavor wise as well. When creating your work of culinary artistry make sure to add in greens. Be it basil oil, chopped fresh herbs or avocado. The best fresh herbs to pair with lobster are dill, tarragon, parsley, and chives.

#3 Spice things up a bit

Sweet and heat go together like a “Mainer” and Lobster. Lobster is naturally sweet in flavor and it is always a sound culinary move to contrast the sweetness with a little spice. Cayenne pepper or smoked paprika used sparingly will elevate any lobster dish. Do not go overboard, you want it to be lobster with a hint of spice rather than spice with a hint of lobster. 

#4 Get saucy

Lobster and melted butter go together as well as peanut butter and jelly. One thing you can do though is make your butter even better. When melting the butter add in a little fresh lemon juice, dash of cayenne pepper, minced garlic and freshly chopped dill. You will find yourself strangely wondering if you even need lobster to be enjoying the butter. Hint, you do, you do not want to be eating straight butter no matter how delicious it is. 

#5 Cook with what you drink

When you are cooking with lobster there are a plethora of recipes on GetMaineLobster.com that call for white wine, beer or liquor. When you use one of these liquids in a recipe pair the meal with the same beverage. If your recipe calls for white wine use a buttery Chardonnay for example that you would want to drink and then accompany the meal with a glass of it. The subtle compliment in flavors will surely step your experience up a level or two.

The most important thing I have learned when working with lobster is to let the lobster be lobster. Lobster is fantastic and you do not want to manipulate it too much in any recipe. Let it be the star of the show and create a meal that revolves around it and compliments the natural goodness of it. Try not to complicate or overthink your meal, if lobster is involved, it will be delicious.

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