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Perfectly Pre-Cooked Snow Crab Cocktail Claws (3LBs)

Perfectly Pre-Cooked Snow Crab Cocktail Claws (3LBs)

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  • Ships straight from Portland, ME to your door
  • Succulent Snow Crab Cocktail Claws (3LBs)
  • Wild-Caught & Flash-Frozen At Peak Freshness For You
  • Perfectly Pre-Cooked; Arrives ready to savor once thawed
  • Pre-Cracked shells make it easy to get at the sweet meat!
  • Medium Size; Generous 26-34 claws per LB
  • Limited Quantities: this WILL go wicked fast

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Our wild-caught Maine lobstah put us on the map for seafood-lovers nationwide...

But from time-to-time, we hear requests from folks who have a hankering for some sweet and juicy crab claws.

Sweet, succulent, and packing a punch of icy wild-caught ocean goodness, our gourmet Snow Crab Cocktail Claws are just the ticket for crab-claw fans. 

Hand-selected from the finest snow crab catches straight from the icy, clean waters of Canada and Alaska, our cocktail claws are prized for their sweet, delicate flavor and tender texture.

Do you want to know what's even better? With these special mid-size claws, all the prep work is practically done for you! Not only are these crab claws pre-cooked to perfection and flash-frozen at peak freshness, the shells are even pre-cracked for you, which makes getting at the sweet crab meat a breeze.

Simply thaw and serve chilled with your favorite cocktail sauce, or incorporate them into seafood platters and recipes.

Are you ready to savor gourmet Snow Crab Cocktail Claws the easy way, and impress your guests with a dining experience they'll never forget? 

Order this special offer today! Don't delay, only limited quantities available and this delicacy WILL go fast!

Get Maine Lobster™ Promise: Our Maine lobsters are wild-caught by lobsterwo/men dedicated to preserving the sustainability of the Maine lobster industry and engage in practices that ensure its health and vitality.