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Lobster Boat Run Box

Lobster Boat Run Box

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  • Juicy 100% Wild-Caught Maine Lobster
  • Various sizes in each box based on daily catch
  • Arrives live, ready to prepare & always FRESH
  • Sustainably hand-harvested & hand-selected for you
  • Detailed prep instructions included
  • Ships FRESH Overnight straight from Portland, ME

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Would you like to shop and save on wild-caught live Maine lobster just like us Portland, ME locals? 

Now you can with our Maine Lobster Boat Run Box! 

Have you ever heard of Boat Run Boxes? It's the secret us "Maine-ahs" use for the best deals on lobster. When we're looking for a wicked good deal, we shop the "Boat Run Box" from our local lobstermens' daily run. Sold by-the-pound based on the days catch!

Usually reserved for our wholesale customers, our Live Maine Lobster Boat Run Box is sold by the pound and includes a mix of different sized live Maine lobstahs in every box for our very best price. Just like how we buy 'em!

It's the same succulent wild-caught, sustainably harvested live Maine lobster you love from our icy-cold waters, but each box contains a different mix of sizes based on the days catch. That's where the savings come in for you!

But first - do you want in on the exact lobsters that could be in your box? Each box contains various sized live Maine lobsters, all wild-caught and wicked good as usual. Random-size mixtures could include a range of sizes: from regular 1 LB lobsters to large 1.7 LB lobsters - and maybe even some Culls.

Since our wharf crew has flexibility to pack various sized lobstahs in each box based on what hits our dock on a given day, we're able to pass along some sweet savings to you.

We're talking live Maine lobster as low as $19.50 per pound! We'd love to send you some juicy Maine Lobster at this special wholesale style pricing.

Are you ready to score the best deal on Maine lobster by shopping just like we do? Reserve your own Maine Lobster Boat Run Box today!

Prep Tips: How to Cook Live Maine Lobster At Home

Get Maine Lobster™ Promise: Our Maine lobsters are wild-caught by lobsterwo/men dedicated to preserving the sustainability of the Maine lobster industry and engage in practices that ensure its health and vitality.