Wild Caught Shrimp (1lb)

You can always tell a good shrimp by its source. Free swimming Baja White Shrimp are harvested in pristine unspoiled waters near Baja California and therefore have an ideal flavor profile. They are harvested by artisan fishermen who use hand drawn nets out of small panga boats. This method results in little to no impact on the resource and surrounding environment.
Wild shrimp feed on a natural, nutrient-rich diet giving them an extra firm texture and higher content of Omega 3, protein, minerals and vitamins over farmed varieties. Our Baja Shrimp is superior quality, responsibly harvested and represents the best of a fishery’s sustainability practices. It is guaranteed chemical free, 100% natural, with no preservatives of any kind. It is 100% shrimp, and only shrimp.


  • Chem FREE, No preservatives. 100% wild!
  • 16-20 shrimp per pound
  • IQF: individually quick frozen to lock in flavor and freshness
  • Cleaned and de-veined. Just thaw, cook, and eat!
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