Wild Caught Bluefin Tuna Toro


Limited supply: must arrive between 8/7 - 8/17.

Experience freshness like you've never had before, delivered right to your door. From the same supplier of many local (Portland, ME) sushi restaurants. Easily among the most coveted fish in the sea, the Bluefin Tuna is iconic in Japanese cuisine. The largest and fattiest of the tuna, it also has the darkest meat once butchered – deep cherry red with the firmness of raw beefsteak. Tuna Toro is hand-trimmed cut of the fatty belly of the tuna.


  • 2 and 4 LBs Fresh Wild Caught Bluefin Tuna Toro
  • Toro Tuna is the trimmed cut of the fatty belly of the tuna.
  • Each LB serves four people
  • Safe to freeze
  • Limited supply
  • Overnight Shipping Included
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