Special Deal: North Atlantic Lobster Meat (2 LBs)

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  • Special Price Deal: Limited Quantities!
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  • Rich North Atlantic Lobster Meat (Claw, Knuckle & Leg)
  • Wild-caught, sustainably sourced, hand-selected
  • Expertly pre-cooked; arrives ready to thaw & enjoy
  • Flash-frozen for ocean freshness for you
  • Detailed prep instructions included

How do Canadians make lobster rolls? The SAME way Mainers do: with juicy wild-caught North Atlantic lobster meat!

Our friend up in Nova Scotia (who supplies our succulent snow crab meat) just hooked us into some awesome pre-cooked North Atlantic lobster claw, knuckle and leg meat at a wicked good rate.

We'd usually reserve this Canadian lobster meat for our food truck customers, but the rate and the lobstah meat were both so good this time we thought you might want in.

Have you ever tried lobster claw, knuckle & leg meat?
Here's the deal: it's the same juicy, wild-caught lobster we all love, however instead of our usual pre-cooked lobster claw & knuckle meat, it also includes sweet lobster leg meat as well.

Restaurants love using lobster claw, knuckle & leg meat in lobster rolls, lobster macaconi & cheese, lobster mashed potatoes and more.

With this special two-pound pack of pre-cooked lobster meat, you could create Lobster Mac & Cheese for 16 people... or eight hefty over-stuffed Lobster Rolls...or take your fave recipe to the next level!

Do you want in on a little secret?
Many Maine lobstermen actually prefer lobster leg meat, because it is considered to be the sweetest part of a Maine lobstah!

Why not catch some for your own lobster rolls or fave recipes, and enjoy wicked good savings through this special deal?

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