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Massive Reef & Beef Feast for 4

Massive Reef & Beef Feast for 4

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  • 2 Wicked Huge North Atlantic Lobster Tails (16-20oz)
  • Wild-Caught, Sustainably Sourced, Hand-Selected
  • 4 Juicy Heritage Angus Center-Cut Sirloins (6 oz)
  • 4 Gourmet Chocolate Maine Whoopie Pies
  • Flash-Frozen At Peak Freshness For You
  • Detailed Prep Instructions Included
  • Ships from our Portland, ME dock to your doorstep

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Do you want to know what's more indulgent than one enormous, juicy 16-20 ounce North Atlantic Lobster Tail on your dinner plate?

TWO gigantic 16-20 ouncers! Plus a couple more gourmet delights for an epic meal you'll never forget.

We hope you and your lucky dining companions are wicked hungry. These enormous 16-20 oz. lobster tails come from HUGE 6-7 pound lobsters, wild-caught in the deepest, coldest Atlantic waters.

Rich, juicy, and unbelievably BIG, these lobster tails are a very rare catch in the market, and always they sell out FAST.

These BIG boys are sustainably hand harvested from the depths of the icy Atlantic, expertly hand-selected, flash-frozen at peak freshness for you, and shipped straight from our Portland, Maine dock to your doorstep. How To Prepare Lobster Tails At Home

Limited-edition feast also includes four mouthwatering 6 oz. Heritage Angus Center-Cut Sirloin Steaks sourced from a renowned Chicago based partner, who supplies premium USDA certified meats to some of the finest steakhouses and private chefs in the USA. How To Prepare Fine Beef

And we top it all off for you with four gourmet, chocolatey Maine Whoopie Pies. Our customer-fave "whoopies" are made locally for you by a historic Maine bakery that's widely considered to be the inventor of the original Whoopie Pie. What's A Maine Whoopie Pie?

We'd love to send you our five-star Massive Reef & Beef Feast, and help make your next special occasion epic.

Do you want in? Don't dilly dally! We only have 75 feasts in-stock, and this limited-edition bundle will go wicked fast!