2 Mammoth Lobster Claws (1.5lb ea)


I’ll let Eddie sell this one for me...He had our Gigantic Tails last week...unfortunately, we have sold out those...imagine his eyes if he had the Mammoth claws?

“I celebrated with my family with the biggest lobster claws I’ve ever seen. Well over a pound each claw! My man Mark at @GML really came through. Theses claws were insanely tasty. Grilled them with lemon wrapped in tin foil. No butter or sauce required. #getmainelobster” -- Eddie Z from Charlotte, NC


  • Wild caught North Atlantic Lobster
  • Claws are sold in packs of 2
  • Claw size: at least 1.5 lbs each and up to 3 lbs
  • Overnight shipping is free
  • Arrives frozen

Cooking Tip: Boil for 20 minutes. You should not start the timer until after the water starts to boiling again after placing claws in the water. Or, wrap in 2 layers of aluminum foil and place on the grill > high for 25 minutes!

CLICK HERE to tips on cracking the claw!

Note: Lobsters by nature have 2 size claws; a crusher claw (bulky) and a pincher claw (much longer and thinner). When you receive your order, you will have a mix of both. We make sure you receive the amount of net weight you ordered.