4-Pack Large Size 5-6 oz. Maine Lobster Tails

$149.99 $159.99
  • Sweet Wild-caught Maine Lobster
  • (4) Robust 5-6oz. tails - larger size & sweet
  • Sustainably harvested & hand-selected for you
  • Flash-frozen for arctic fresh flavor
  • Detailed prep instructions included
  • Shipped overnight, from Portland Maine

Do you want to indulge in large, juicy Maine lobster tails without having to travel all the way to a Maine lobster pound?

We've got you covered with this special Larger Size Maine Lobster Tails 4-Pack featuring large 5-6 oz. lobster tails!

Wild-caught and flash-frozen straight from the depths of the ice-cold North Atlantic sea, and delivered right to your doorstep directly from our Portland, ME dock. Ready to prep once thawed without losing an ounce of freshness. 

These large 5-6 ounce Maine Lobster Tails robust, tender and sweet. Awesome for anyone who likes little extra mouthful on their plate. You get little extra delicious meat in each bite, along with the exceptional flavor that only comes from smaller, icy cold water lobsters. 

Prep Tip: How to Prep Maine Lobster Tails

Get Maine Lobster™ Promise: Our Maine lobsters are wild-caught by Maine lobsterwo/men dedicated to preserving the sustainability of the Maine lobster industry and engage in practices that ensure its health and vitality. Each lobster is hand-selected with care and humanely by experienced lobster-handling experts and packaged with sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials.