Fresh Arctic Char


For those who find salmon a bit too strong in flavor - and trout a bit too mild - the Arctic Char is a fish not to be missed. Farm-raised in the icy waters off of Iceland, the char is in fact a member of the salmon family, but should be prepared as you would trout: pan fried, grilled, baked, or even poached. It's distinct yet mild flavor is unique, yet its firmer texture offers a flake that is finer than salmon or trout. It's healthy fat content lends itself to keeping it nice and moist no matter how you prepare it. A great fish for those who enjoy seafood but not an overpowering taste, and easy to prepare and enjoy simply.


  • Guaranteed FRESH. We pick and choose our fresh fish locally every day
  • 2, 4 or 6 lbs of Fresh Arctic Char

Review: "The Product arrived on time and fresh. The presentation upon opening the boxes was appealing! The ease of preparation was simple. The directions were understandable. Most importantly, dinner was indescribably delicious! I highly recommend it and will order this again." -Jim from GA Standards
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