Fall Soup Sampler

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When it turns colder here in New England, Mainers love to bring some seafood into the kitchen and turn it into a hearty chowder to warm the body and soul. We are pleased to offer a collection of our favorite bisques and chowders that melds the sweetness of the ocean with the richness of cream and butter from our local dairies. These selections bring New England right to your door, all prepared and ready to serve on those days when the fog rolls in and the snow is falling.

Collection Includes:

Lobster Bisque (2 Quarts)- Think butter, cream, and aromatic herbs when contemplating this bowl of full, fresh ocean flavor.Our bisque elevates a classic lobster stew into a sophisticated bowl of richness. At the core is the powerful stock made from lobster, boiled down to capture a full-bodied flavor, but balanced out into a creamy, silky-smooth roux-thickened bisque. An elegant way to begin a special meal. GLUTEN FREE CHOICE.

Maine Crab & Sweet Potato Bisque (24 ounces-Sometimes an ambitious Jonah Crab makes its way into our lobster pots. That’s ok, because once they are steamed and picked, they offer some of the sweetest crabmeat you can find. This bisque marries the sweetness of the crab with the natural sugar of sweet potato, simmered in all-natural chicken stock, and finished with heavy cream and some Cajun spice to balance out the richness. GLUTEN FREE CHOICE.

Haddock Chowder (24 ounces) - Mainer’s love a nice piece of haddock, especially when they end up in a hot chowder bowl. Ours is an award winning blend of haddock fillets, diced potatoes and delicately seasoned fish and shellfish stocks, all finished with heavy cream from New England dairies. GLUTEN FREE CHOICE.

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