8 Live Maine Lobsters (Culls)


Sometimes while lobsters battle it out in the deep ocean waters they may lose one of their claws. We call these culls. They’re the same as any other fresh, sweet Maine lobster, just missing an arm and a claw. Culls have landed again at GML, and if you have a hankering for Maine lobster and you’re cringing at the off-season price of regular lobsters, this is the perfect opportunity to grab them while the grabbing is good. We get to buy these in bulk, so we're happy to pass along the savings to you. Despite missing a claw, these are still the best tasting lobsters you can find, with a great price to go with it. These go fast, so hurry!


  • Wild-caught in Maine
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Guaranteed FRESH. 8 - 100 percent live Maine Lobster (Culls)
  • Shipped directly to your door, to receive within 24 hours if you choose

NOTE: *Average size of Culls are 1.1-1.2lb, although you may get larger size added depending on stock

DISCLAIMER: if symmetry and size consistency is important to you, live Maine cull lobsters are not a great choice. Size will vary. Some will have no claws. Some will have one claw. Some may have one normal claw and one small claw. That being said, lobster lobsters love our cull option, as it offers the greatest value for price per pound.

Review: "Hello, I needed to write today after our epic seafood feast last night!

Prep Tips: How to Prepare Live Maine Lobsters


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Our live Maine lobsters are caught by Maine lobsterwo/men dedicated to preserving the sustainability of the Maine lobster industry and engage in practices that ensure its health and vitality. Each lobster is hand-selected with care and humanely by experienced lobster-handling experts and packaged with sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials.