These highly-anticipated delicacies, whose aroma snaps open the nostrils at shutter speed, have hit the docks in droves. We're offering the choiciest appendage for your dining pleasure, fresh from the dock. The treasure inside these claws is swirling with the rich, smooth, pearl-like meat that Jonah crabs deliver. All you need are crackers, picks, a few buckets for disposal, lots of napkins and newspaper. Oh, and don't forget the icy beer, or a nicely chilled bottle of dry Riesling. Yes, we've pretty much cracked the code on eating crab meat.


  • Dinner for 2 includes: 
  • 2 Maine lobster tails (6 oz)
  • 1 lb Pre-cooked Jonah crab claws
  • 2 Maine crab cakes
  • 1 quart Maine lobster bisque GF
  • 2 Maine whoopie pies
  • 1 crab mallet
  • Detailed cooking instructions included
  • Dinner for 4 includes: 
  • 4 Maine lobster tails (6 oz)
  • 2 lbs Pre-cooked Jonah crab claws
  • 4 Maine crab cakes
  • 1 quart Maine lobster bisque GF
  • 4 Maine whoopie pies
  • 1 crab mallets
  • Detailed cooking instructions included
  • Dinner for 6 includes: 
  • 6 Maine lobster tails (6 oz)
  • 3lbs Pre-cooked Jonah crab claws
  • 6 Maine crab cakes
  • 2 quarts Maine lobster bisque GF
  • 6 Maine whoopie pies
  • 2 crab mallets
  • Detailed cooking instructions included

Review: "I have recommended your website to many of my co-workers for a great New England seafood experience! I will be ordering again in the near future, and hopefully some of my co-workers will, too. Keep up the amazing work! Kudos to a great company, employees, service, and wonderful seafood! Thank you for this amazing experience! Warmest regards," —Marilyn, TX

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Special Note: To keep your seafood fresh, store in the refrigerator at 32 degrees F. Seafood kept at 40 degrees F for an extended period of time will lose its quality faster.