Free 2lbs Fresh Maine Mussels added on to every order of the Live Maine Lobsters (1.1-1.2lb)

PSST...smaller lobsters taste sweeter and are more tender.

Note: 6 and 8 packs, reduced price for limited time. Select from the dropdown menu, "Number of Lobsters".

While we know the big ones look impressive once on the plate, the truth is that smaller lobsters are the youngest and are far more tender and sweet than their big older brothers. They are also the perfect size for the pot and cook up perfectly when steamed at home, served whole with butter or added to your favorite seafood dish. Want another secret? Deep sea lobsters taste even better than those trapped close to shore. That’s why we only buy those lobsters hauled from the pristine offshore beds where the colder water and richer feeding results in more robust, healthier lobster. And never, ever settle for those supermarket tanked lobsters: they likely have been out of the water for many days (even weeks!)  where they remain unfed and swimming around in dirty water. Our lobsters come from the docks straight to a massive holding tank with cold recirculating Maine ocean water - and are out to your doorstep within hours anyway! So for the freshest lobster experience, we Mainers wholeheartedly share the truth: smaller is better.


  • Wild-caught in Maine
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Guaranteed FRESH. We hand-select our live Maine Lobsters daily.
  • 1.1-lb to 1.2-lb live Maine Lobster
  • Free (2lbs) Fresh Maine Mussels
  • Free overnight shipping


Recipe/Prep tips:  4 Maine Ways to Cook Lobster