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Thanks for the opportunity to be your Main(e) course. You’re gonna love me, i'm delicious!


  1. Guaranteed FRESH.
  2. 1.2 to 1.4-lb, 100 percent Live Maine Lobster
  3. Shipped directly to your door.
  4. Best price online, or we will match.

Review"The lobsters were fabulous!!!!  They were absolutely devoured!  They arrived exactly on time as arranged, all were perfect!  They sent 4/4 male vs. female so my mom-in-law was very happy along with everyone else.  It definitely was a wonderful addition to the party.  I greatly appreciate your help getting this all set up.  You guys did not disappoint again!  You are definitely our go to spot for anything lobster! Thank you again," -Cindy, VA

Favorite Recipe4 Maine Ways to Cook Lobster

Special Note: We recommend handling lobster humanely. Before cooking, place lobster in freezer for as long as 2 hours. Remove from freezer, making sure it is no longer moving. Push the tip of a skewer or sharp chef’s knife into the center of the cross on its head.