While Maine is renowned for our lobsters, our cold coastal waters offer another treasure: the oyster. Raised by growers all along our coastlines, the Maine oyster is considered by many to be the best found anywhere in the country - and even the world. The reason? Maine is ideal for oyster growth. Our waters are clean, cold, and nutrient rich,with strong tidal flows which move over the oyster beds, keeping them fed and healthy. Maine oyster harvesters take pride in the care and handling of their “farms” - and the result shines through. We are huge fans of Maine oysters sourced from the nearby Damariscotta River, raised near the tidal mouth of the river where it meets the sea. The Damariscotta has been home to the Eastern Oyster for centuries (piles of middens - oyster shells - still exist from the Native Americans who flocked there to enjoy the bounty). Harvested at 3-4 years, these oysters come straight out of the water and right to our dock for absolute pristine freshness. Maine oysters are coveted for their punchy, briny “liquor” and robust flavor - and many consider the “Damariscottas” to be among the very best anywhere in the state (and in fact the country!). These are big, larger-sized “cocktail” oysters and are absolutely perfect when served chilled on the half shell with just a kiss of lemon or dollop of spicy cocktail sauce. Oyster ship live and fresh. Product of Maine USA.


  • 12, 24, 36 or 48 Damariscotta Oysters
  • Packaged with care
  • Overnight Shipping Included

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