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10 Lobster Recipes to Light a Fire on Valentine’s Day

What’s sexier than preparing a lobster dish to show your love? Nothing. And here are some of our favorites:  The woody chestnut flavor meets the sweet lobster in a perfect marriage of pasta. Divine! Click Here to Get the Recipe! Show your love: elevate the pizza with lobster and watch your passion soar to new […]

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An Incredible New Year Starts with an Incredible Meal

Brunch on This: Amazing Recipes to Kick Off a New Year. By Nick Branchina Confetti litters the floor. Your Christmas tree has wilted and quit most of its needles. And all that champagne you drank has made you reach for the advil. You rang in the New Year with a bang. It might be a […]

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cold smoked salmon

Spotlight: Smoked Salmon

The necessity for smoking fish has existed for centuries. Fishing cultures around the globe came to understand the power of smoking to preserve excess catches to be consumed in learner months such as winter or to be transported over long distances. While the advent of refrigeration did away with this necessity, the culinary popularity of […]

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Lobster New Years

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

Bring Your Party to Life with Lucky Seafood. By Nick Branchina There is simply no night of the year like New Year’s Eve. It’s an unparalleled global celebration of old passings and new beginnings, and frequently one of romance and decadence. It’s an evening to honor fortunes from the past and hope for luck in […]

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Clam Chowder

Chowders & Bisques Spotlight

Chowder has been a New England seafood staple for centuries. It’s history in America dates back to the Pilgrims, who learned how to make fish chowders in broth from the Native Americans. French fishermen had also been making fish stews in pots they called “chaudieres”- which most believe is the root for the word “chowder”.  Eventually […]

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Maine Crab Cakes Spotlight

The Gulf of Maine is home to the humble rock crab, nicknamed by folks in DownEast Maine as “pick-ed toe” because the crab leg has a very sharp point that turns inward. For years, lobstermen despised them because they worked their way into the lobster pots to steal the bait. These nuisances were pitched with […]

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Seafood Bonanza

Start a Holiday Seafood Tradition

This Season, Try Some Seafood. It Might Just Become a Favorite Tradition. By Nick Branchina December is a season of giving…and (let’s face it): EATING. So much of what we actually share during the festive Holiday period is created by sharing food. And besides the passed hors d’oeuvres at holiday office parties, many of us […]

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Crack open these Jonah Crab Claws for a bite of meaty goodness!

Jonah Crab Claws Spotlight

By Nick Branchina The Gulf of Maine is home to the once pesky Jonah Crab. For years, lobstermen despised them because they worked their way into the lobster pots to steal the bait. Once freed from the traps they were tossed back into the Atlantic under a shower of curses. Finally, someone had the sense […]

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31 Days of Random Holiday Kindness

I’m personally upgrading one order per day for the 31 days. Why? Awesome things happen because of this small gesture. 3 years ago I decreed that December was Random Acts of Kindness Month at GML. It’s a ton of fun. Details: One winner daily. Every day between now and December 31st, I will personally UPGRADE one […]

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Giving the Gift of an Experience

With the Thanksgiving turkey barely cold, Americans are already under the barrage of Holiday shopping pressures (Black Friday! Small Business Saturday! CyberMonday! Commercials! Buy Buy BUY!). And let’s face it, this year many retailers had Christmas decorations right next to the Halloween costumes. It seems we can’t start early enough. Not to worry. You have […]

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