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What is a Maine New Shell Lobster

From the Maine Lobster Collaborative… New Shell vs. Hard Shell: What’s the Difference? Can you tell the difference between a New Shell and Hard Shell Maine Lobster? With these simple steps, becoming a lobster a-fish-ionado is as easy as 1-2-EAT. But before we get to that, if you’re reading this thinking “Wait, wait, wait… you’re […]

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It’s My Birthday

I have a gift for you…57% OFF Retail Pricing! I turn 45 on July 8, and every year I give people a huge coupon code. It’s the best present you could give me…a Maine lobster experience for yourself and others. Spread the love from dock to doorstep. #eatlobster COUPON CODE = MARK45 Shop Here: Live Maine […]

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True Story: TSA Finds 20-LB Lobster in Luggage

Boston (AP) — The Transportation Security Administration says a 20-pound (9-kilogram) live lobster has been spotted in a passenger’s luggage at Boston’s Logan International Airport. A lobster found during security screening at Logan International Airport in Boston, Mass. Source: Michael McCarthy/TSA TSA spokesman Michael McCarthy says the lobster found Sunday in the passenger’s checked luggage […]

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National Lobster Day is no longer on 6/15. In 2016, the Senate moved #NationalLobsterDay to 9/25. Senate Passes King, Collins National Lobster Day Resolution Senate officially designates September 25, 2016 as “National Lobster Day” Wednesday, July 13, 2016 WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senators Angus King and Susan Collins announced that the Senate last night unanimously […]

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Surprisingly, Here’s What Dads Really Want for Father’s Day

I’m a man. A dad. An uncle. The other day, my wife asked me, “what do you want to do for Father’s Day?” We were driving to NH to watch [Sunday] Dylan’s [daughter from another daddy] soccer tournament. Because, I am a showman…I slowly turned my head towards her, eyes-wide like I was just about […]

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Lobster & Jelly Tour

We are proud sponsors of Stealing Oceans Lobster & Jelly Tour. See dates below! April 13: Ball State University > Muncie, IN April 14: The Elbo Room > Chicago , IL April 15: Rumba Cafe > Columbus, OH April 17: Thunder Road Night Club > Somerville, MA April 18: World Cafe Live > Philadelphia, PA […]

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It’s Really Not All About the Booze and Blarney

These seafood recipes go very well with green and your best Irish jig. St. Patrick’s Day is right upon us! We want to help you maximize your merrymaking, by offering some really good food, because there’s so much more to this foot-tapping, clap-slapping Irish holiday than green beer and whiskey. In fact, we have a vested […]

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Arctic Char – Spotlight

The Arctic Char may not yet be an American seafood staple, but its global popularity has taken hold. Char is mostly known among fishermen as a wild caught recreational catch, pole-caught in lakes and rivers of northern climes, such as the northern US and Canada. But as its culinary merits found its way into restaurants around […]

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Maine Haddock – Spotlight

  If you grew up in Maine, chances are that haddock is your favorite seafood (along with the lobster of course!) Here, haddock is “king” – especially when battered and fried as the coveted Fried Haddock Sandwich (or “Fish and Chips”), a year-round staple in almost every coastal restaurant from Portland’s white-table cloths to the […]

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Gulf of Maine Cod – Spotlight

The codfish is an icon of our New England fishing traditions, and perhaps the most valued fish in the history of mankind. Centuries before we were a country, European fishing fleets set sail across the Atlantic to land cod here in the Gulf of Maine. Salted on board ships or on the rocks of our […]

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