Ever wonder what Maine lobstermen talk about while on the job? Here's a peek.

20 Things I Overheard On a Lobster Boat

In Maine harbors, many of the working docks double as a kind of social locker room, where everything from armchair therapy to potty mouth is tossed around like lobsters out of a trap—unsolicited. Jump aboard almost any one of the thousands of lobster boats off the coast of Maine and multiply that social activity by […]


Maine Lobster: Harbinger of Spring & Fantasy

This is the time of year when anything remotely spring-like is highly appealing. Maine lobster is such a prize. It’s that time of year when we’ve experienced the time change, the bulbs of daffodils, tulips, and crocuses begin to pop (in some lucky places), and the madness of March hyper-launches into full-frenzied gear. With all […]


Maine Lobster for Easter!

Why go straight to the ordinary when you can celebrate Easter in style?  In preparation for one of GML’s favorite high holidays, and in honor of the longer days than nights, we’ve gathered up our customer favorites at can’t-be-beat prices! As if you needed another reason to eat Maine lobster and seafood, we’re throwing in […]

There are myriad ways to cook tuna, but near perfection can be achieved by following these easy tips.

Turn Your Tuna Into Tantalizing With These Grill Tips

4 easy steps to getting the most flavor out of your fresh tuna. Ever buy a nice piece of fresh tuna and ruin it with overcooking or the wrong combination of ingredients you decide to mingle with it? …such a bummer, and so preventable. These thick, firm, steaks are perfect for the grill. Brushed generously […]


We’re Mad About The Madness!

Why no self-respecting, lobster-loving American should miss our March Madness exclusive savings. FREE Shipping Even if your bracket belongs in the dumpster, you shouldn’t give up on the Madness. We scouted the docks and shores of Maine and found “16″ different ways to feed and fuel you and your frenzied fellow hoop lovers straight through to […]

For many, Easter is marked by the launch of spring when our appetites change from seeking soul food for comfort to lighter simpler fare.

Easter Feasts to Envy: GML Customers’ Top 11 Recipes

Whether or not you celebrate Easter, anything that is remotely spring-like this time of year we all welcome with open arms. Whatever your plans are this April 20, we hope to inspire your spring with some of our customers’ top pic recipes for bringing in the warmer, more balmy days ahead.


Priceless St. Paddy’s Day Picks–No Blarney!

We’ve assembled a few of our top sellers for your dining pleasure this St. Paddy’s Day. Don’t wait to cash in on these delicious diversions for your weekend Irish fun! We completely understand your antipathy to the rowdy, overly enthusiastic crowds that swarm the streets on St. Patrick’s Day, so to help you take part […]

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