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Cooking Tips Live Lobster

How to use our Sea Salt and Seaweed Pack

In Maine, this is how we do it… Each packs contains 1 oz. of 100% Maine Sea Salt, curated straight from our pristine coast & 3 grams of dehydrated Maine seaweed. The perfect portion for steam live Maine lobsters or Maine lobster tails. One pack is perfect for 6-10 Maine lobsters or lobster tails. If […]

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Storing Live or Fresh Seafood

FROM THE MAINE LOBSTER COUNCIL Live lobsters need to be kept alive and fresh until they’re cooked to prevent deterioration. You can store them briefly in the fridge. Storing Lobster in a Fridge: Ideally, live lobsters should be cooked the same day they’re delivered. However, they can be kept for one additional day when stored […]

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How to prepare our Live Maine Lobster: 4 ways

There are traditional ways of cooking lobster and there are ways that many people wouldn’t think of. We have a list of 4 ways to cook a lobster below……enjoy! BOILING: Perhaps the easiest way to cook a lobster. In order to boil your lobster, you will need a large pot with a lid. Pour enough […]

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How to Freeze Maine Lobster

Properly prepared, Maine lobster will keep frozen for 9-12 months. Here are instructions for freezing Maine lobster. 1. Lobsters should be chilled and live. 2. Blanch lobsters in rapidly boiling salted water for 60 seconds. Use 1 tbsp of salt for every liter/quart of water. 3. Chill blanched lobster in an ice water bath. 4. […]

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