Maine Lobster Holiday Recipes

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Maine Lobster Holiday Recipes

Crispy Arctic Char with Braised Red Cabbage and Bacon Fingerling Potatoes

“Arctic char is a beautiful fish – it’s flavor is like a cross between salmon and trout, mild yet still flavorful. This is a great winter recipe that melds the flavor of the fish with the heartier potatoes, sweet cabbage, and smoky bacon.” – Chef Mac Arrington INGREDIENTS The Maine Event Arctic Char Fillets: 2 […]

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I’ve asked it before and I will again, what better way to start the day than with lobster?

Herb Omelet with Lobster Sauce

The holidays are a special time of year, so why not pull all of the strings and make it memorable by starting the day off with a bang? This is a simple yet stunning breakfast that has an herbaceous fluffy omelet topped with creamy lobster.

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Lobster and mushroom dumplings make a unique and tasty dish for the holidays.

Lobster and Mushroom Dumplings

These are a very tasty and winter themed dumpling that will please everyone. The roasted and meaty flavor of the mushrooms combined with sweet lobster pairs well with the sweet, tangy and hot dipping sauce. These are great for parties or any dinner. They can be made in advance, too! Now, quit reading this and get cooking!

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Holiday Seafood Lasagna

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now it’s really time to test our culinary chops for Christmastime meals. This one-dish seafood lasagna dinner is easy to make and packs a colossal punch. An assortment of seafood paired with creamy and rich cheeses and cut by the sharp flavors of fennel and pernod. –Mac Arrington

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Soft scrambled tarragon eggs with buttery lobster and toasted sesame seed bagel make the perfect holiday or special occasion brunch.

Soft Tarragon Scrambled Eggs with Buttery Lobster and Sesame

The most decadent of breakfasts for you and yours! Soft and creamy seasoned scrambled eggs paired with buttery and rich lobster are nearly perfect, but add them onto a toasted bagel and you are in heaven. The cool sour cream adds a nice cooling and tart element to the dish to help cut all of the rich flavors.
–Mac Arrington

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Savory Baked Stuffed Lobster

Let’s replace that turkey with some stuffed lobsters! This is a very simple and straight forward classic version of baked stuffed lobster with a few fine-tuning steps to make a perfect turkey replacement for everyone’s Thanksgiving table!

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Holiday Lobster Risotto with Parmesan and Brown Butter

Silky smooth in texture with rich, delicate hints of the flavor of butter, brandy, and sautéed onion mingling with perfectly cooked Maine lobster tails, this recipe is easy to prepare and yet has the elegant presentation fit for your most special feast.

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Creamy roasted chestnut agnolotti with sweet lobster, crispy kale chips and a hint of apple. Lobster and pasta, what could be better?

Roasted Chestnut and Ricotta Agnolotti with Maine Lobster and Kale Chips

Hitting lobster with creamy cheese and roasted chestnut pasta is a win for me during the winter months. The sweet lobster bridges perfectly with the nutty brown butter, creamy roasted chestnut, and cheese agnolotti. This dish is a balance of flavors that will make anyone think you are a pro. —Mac Arrington

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Whole Maine Lobsters with Chestnuts and Cider

Talk about fall, this pairing of smooth and rich chestnut puree complements the sweetness of Maine lobster beautifully and is cut wonderfully with creamy cider vinaigrette. You and your dinner guests will not be disappointed when this is presented at the table next to—or instead of—the bird!

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Why make the same old stuffing when you could have wild mushrooms and lobster?

Holiday Lobster, Mushroom and Leek Stuffing

This is a very hearty and savory winter dish that will warm not only the body but the soul. Wild mushrooms paired with sweet lobster and buttery leeks baked together in a unique stuffing that everyone will enjoy. —Mac Arrington

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