Just Claws (5 lbs)


These lobster claws come from a 5-lb lobster. Enjoy the most tender and sweetest part of the lobster. Just thaw, cook, and FEAST!


  • Wild caught North Atlantic Lobster
  • Claws are sold by the pound in 5 lb packs
  • 5-7 claws per pack
  • Each claw has an average weight of .6 - .9 lbs
  • Arrives frozen

Cooking Tips:

  • Boil for 10 minutes. You should not start the timer until after the water starts to boiling again after placing claws in the water.

CLICK HERE to tips on cracking the claw!

Note: Lobsters by nature have 2 size claws; a crusher claw (bulky) and a pincher claw (much longer and thinner). When you receive your order, you will have a mix of both. We make sure you receive the amount of net weight you ordered.